26/05 5th Anniversary of MGP [check]
03/05 Diskelmä, Tommorow“s Hell [check]

17/03 Lvmen [check]

06/01 !śl.., Alamogordo, Gospel Of The Future [check]

05/10 Atague Periferico (Bra) [check]

05/07 Morda (Bel), 5 Symbols, More Bad News [check]
07/06 Naked Agression (US), Distress (Rus), Co-Ca [check]
27/05 Sotatila (At), Lahar, DFI (Fra) [check]
22/04 Gride, Dezinfekce, Alamogordo... [check]
20/02 Black Market Fetus (US), See You In Hell [check]

14/02 ALtercado (Chile), Gospel Of The Future [check]

18/12 Reign Of Bombs (Swe), Festa Desperato, F.F.W. [check]
29/10 Signal Lost (US), Mass Genocide Process, Z.N.P. [check]

17/10 Neuroottiset Pelimannit, Yhteiskunnan Ystavat (Fin) [check]
15/10 Dick Cheney (Swe), Needful Things, Redgrave [check]
25/09 Migra Violenta (Arg), Gospel Of The Future [check]
03/09 Killed By Noise feastival [check]

06/05 D-Compose (Hl), Alamogordo, Glejt [check]
12/03 Battle Royalle (Ger), See You In Hell... [check]

05/02 Mass Genocide Process, The Mood, Alamogordo [check]


06/08 Antihero, Kobory (Spain) [check]
06/08 Extinction Of Mankind (UK), Mass Genocide Process [check]
19/06 Mass Genocide Process, The Mood [check]